Hill Station, The Ultimate Travelling Destination

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If you are choosing any hill station to spend your vacation, it is absolutely incomplete without experiencing it to the fullest. You can start your journey from paying visits to the adventurous rides across the winding hilly roads to famous tourist spots. Mountains or hills have always been about the curvy and dangerous peaks, passes and roads. It doesn’t matter which hill station you have exactly paid a visit, the godfather of all these hill stations are the Himalayan Range. Its starts from the extreme highest point on the globe, to the potential hazard to one of the most exciting and adventurous road trips on the planet. Every other mountain range is ruled over by the Great Himalayas.
As far as the Himalayas is concerned, the topmost place that crops in our minds is the land of Orchids, Sikkim. Sikkim has always been most appealing, most chosen and recommended because of its exposure to the snow-clad hills range. Travel Agency in Sikkim, as well as the Tour Operator in Siliguri, can give you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Not only the Sikkim, Travel agency in Siliguri offers packages so that but can also visit Nepal, Bhutan, and Dooars also.
Sikkim- You and loved once will travel on winding paths through rich vegetation consisting of lush forests, pristine rivers, and towering peaks. In fact, if you aware of the fact that you can get to see the third highest peak in the world, Mt. Kanchenjunga, which contributes its land with Nepal as well.
Nepal- Nepal has the highest point is Mt. Everest, 8848M and lowest land which is just 70M from sea level. In this place, you will find more than 120 languages as spoken as in mother tongue and 50 ethnic groups. heritage sites, Brave history, ancient things, natural beauty, cultural harmony,  social diversity, geographical location are the main attraction that could attract your eyes to visit in Nepal.

Bhutan- Bhutan is mostly cherished by adventure enthusiasts, and people who believe in explore as much as possible unique cultures across the world, Bhutan is the ultimate destination for them. The existence of Dzongs, monasteries, and the unique Bhutanese culture makes travel agency in Siliguri and travel agency in dooars the favorite leisure spot for most travelers while visiting Bhutan.
Packages Travel Agency in Sikkim offers
•    Personal tour packages
•    Office tour packages
•    Rail ticket reservation
•    Bus ticket reservation
•    Air ticket reservation
•    Hotel booking

Why choose hotels in hills for your vacation
In case you are out on vacation with your family or your mate, Travel Agency in Siliguri gives you the pleasure to enjoy the extreme climate of hill stations and deserted streets of the location post-sunset acts as the icing on the cake and lets love be in the air. Even if you keep the ecstasy of love and romance aside, the basic necessities of your stay are absolutely taken care by the hotel management along with their additional services that include complimentary goodies, trekking plans, irresistible tour packages and last but not the least, delicious food.  
The 3-storeyed hotels on the Silk Route not only offers luxurious stay in the middle of the hills where from you can relish the scenic beauty of the Eastern Himalayan range but also can cheer on the conventional hospitality, cuisines, and prompt services. Apart from these, Travel agency in Sikkim includes trekking plan and a gamut of tour plans ranging from 3 Nights+4 Days to 5 Nights+6 Days trips. Last but not the least, the tour packages offered by these travel agencies have always been succeeding in giving unparalleled satisfaction to their customers.


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